My little Pony

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When we went to the K-Days in Edmonton we HAD TO go to the My Little Pony Show. Birdie has every pony imaginable and I have no idea how that happened. We were lucky and got a good spot and clearly the kids enjoyed the show. Birdie kept asking where Apple Jack and Rarity were. Uhm… sometimes you don’t know whether to tell the little kidlets the truth or just come up with a made up answer haha. We told Birdie that Apple Jack will be in the next show. I hope she won’t remember….

We saw another show at the Millwoods Mall and Birdie was just blown away by the fact that they were “real” and singing. She was hilarious.

So when you think you have all the ponies in the world in your house then Hasbro comes up with the genius idea to create the Equestrian Girls. Brilliant marketing and a money machine. The parent in me screamed “Noooooooooooo” at the top of my lungs. I despised them with a vengeance in the supermarkets and toy stores. Then we watched the movie and that was the end of the resistance. We got her the Equestrian Girl- Twilight Sparkle since it is her favourite character. Needless to say that we also have Pinky Pie and Trixie Equestrian Girl and that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are in the cupboard as rewards. Sigh.  Don’t judge  me, please.

2014-07-18 14.19.15

It was so cool to meet Twilight Sparkle after the show :-) But then Twilight Sparkle Equestrian Girl started to talk to Birdie and that was too much reality for her. She turned into a toddler again and clung to me. Haha. We had fun and that is all that matters.

We still have the Pony Ears at home and some pretty funny pictures of her running around stark naked but with her Pony Ears on. I won’t share them since I need those for her wedding HARR HARR. Love, Mama.

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Funny Faces


Feeling funny today? It is interesting to see how toddlers develop a sense of humor. There are things that make them laugh that you (the adult) don’t consider funny. Not even remotely. So when we had Oma and Opa from Germany visiting I just knew that Birdie would pick up something. Sure enough…while we were drinking coffee Opa made a funny face….and all bets were off.


I am still surprised I did not choke on my cookie :-) Toddler ears are so soft and flexible. What Birdie does with her ears would bring me into the emergency room within the hour.  See what she does with her mouth? In my head I would looking for an explanation that I could give the daycare ladies just in case Birdie’s face splits in half.

Whatever it is that makes toddlers tick, we had a lot of fun at the coffee table and Oma and Opa left an impression :-)

See you at Xmas!


I hope you are as impressed as I am right now.

Table Runner/Table Cloth


Wow, isn’t there a saying out there that says: the way to hell is plastered with good intentions. Well, mine surely is.

Months go by and I have unfinished projects, projects in my head I haven’t even started yet, a huge guilt trip because I am not as organized at home as I would love to be. I read about Mom’s with meal plans, shopping lists, their calendar filled with play dates for the kidlets. I have good intentions….and then life happens.

I am working hard on not feeling guilty but I do have my moments of doubt and insecurity. Should I try harder to plan our meals and have all the ingredients ready in the fridge? Am I giving Birdie enough attention and nutritious meals? These moments pass when I look at her and see her happy and full of energy. Don’t get me started on her current bedtime haha. Between her bedtime and my bedtime lay 30minutes. I rest my case….

Ok, so one of the projects or hobbies that I started and only occasionally get to is sewing and quilting. What I realized is this: with the (limited) time I have for myself, a full time job and being a Mom AND the temptation of sun and summer I have to put some Quilts on hold. Otherwise this hobby will turn sour and become a chore and not a fun and creative way to spend. I still have to finish a Quilt for Meike and for Hubby as we speak :-). In the meantime I am trying to pick projects that are smaller and hopefully faster to complete. This way I actually get to see a result in a shorter period of time and I can experiment with shapes, colours, blocks and ideas in general.

Ok, long story short. This is a table cloth I made for my mom-in-law (hi, Oma!). She loves blue and beige and the colours fit perfectly in her living room. It started of as a bigger hexagon shaped tablecloth but Oma said to make a square out of it since it would be better for the small table she intends to use it on. Cool, problem solved since I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted to use on the back. I picked a fabric that is identical to the pattern her coffee mugs have. It was a sign, right? In my mind it was.

I used the white and blue fabric on the back mixed with a white fabric. The white fabric is a white bed sheet that my mom-in-law gave me. As a joke, I cut the bed sheet so that you can see the blue stripe in some of the white squares. Mom-in-law said: Cut it up or it is going in the bin. Nothing gets wasted in my sewing world- you should see the tiny scraps I am keeping in my bags. Ideas, anyone?


In hindsight I should have take a picture of it laying on the table since it is suppose to be a table cloth. Uhm. Well. I don’t know what to say. Just pretend it is on a table, ok?

Oma and Opa were here for 2 weeks and Birdie was in heaven with all the attention and the presents. Omg, the presents. Way too many. Every time Birdie went on the potty, she got a present from Oma….Nobody is giving me presents for going to the potty, lol. Being a kid is awesome- being a kid with grandparents who love her to bits is even better, don’t you think?


Ok, I have to go to my little sweatshop in the basement and get going on some other projects. Or maybe I take a nap.

Birdie’s Quilt

Now that Birdie is 30 months old I finally have a bit of time to myself. It sure helped that I switched jobs (and moved to Edmonton) and that the new job does not have a 3-5 months busy season with work hours of 50 hours+.

Birdie's Quilt 2My grandma was a seamstress and I wished I had asker her to teach me more than sewing on a button. Well, some things can not be changed.

As little ones we played in her sewing box a lot. We sorted buttons, played with her tools and stuck all her needles in a small needle cushion. I remember her telling me that she sewed all my Mom’s outfits and my Mom had wonderful outfits. Maybe I can find an old picture and upload it.

I finally made up my mind and decided to start sewing. I love fabrics and colours and even if my quilts will never be first class. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and spend some time on my own with pretty fabrics :-)

My first Quilt was for Birdie- of course! I figured that the easiest quilt would be to use big squares. Oh, how deceiving these quilts can be. Actually nothing is easy when it comes to quilting. You have to be precise and putting simple squares together takes more than 5 minutes …

Birdie's Quilt

Whenever I saw Quilts or any other sewing projects, the colours always made sense. They naturally go together. Little did I realize how much time and effort goes into picking the right colours. There are courses out there that take days on colours and how they go together. It should have told me something, right?

I picked the fabric and cut it. Then I re-cut it because the squares were not squares. It took me several attempt to get them right. I laid them out on the carpet and re-arranged the squares. Somehow it wasn’t working they way I had imagined it. So I walked away for a couple of days and cut new squares in different colours. This time I was happy with it.

I know it is not perfect and my sewing is not perfect. It is funny how hard it is to sew straight haha. I am still working on that. All I wanted to achieve was a little blanket for Birdie to keep hopefully for years. One day she might look at it and will realize how much love went into it. I love you, sweetie!

Oh and before I forget it; here is the backing that is even more beautiful then the quilt top ;-)


Backing Birdie's Quilt

Step aside Bob the Builder


Amy the builder

We got a new table and of course Birdie could not resist. She ran to the table and had to help Papa. Her favourite sentence is : I need to do that, I have to do that”. First she had to check out the table and sit in it.

Amy the builder-Amy and Papa

She concentrates and watches Papa closely and then she imitates everything he does. I was happy just sitting on the sideline and watch these too.

Amy the builder-busy

Papa gave her her own bowl with screws she can help with. Don’t worry, Papa was watching everything she did like a hawk and made sure she was safe at all times. Birdie is not in the habit of putting things in her mouth anymore and very serious when it comes to helping Mama and Papa. The way she smiles and eagerly runs towards us “helping” almost breaks my heart. Of joy of course!

Amy the builder-in the table

She is really good once you explain the rules- nothing in your mouth and no swallowing, listen to Papa and don’t lift anything heavy. Then they got to work…

Isn’t she a cutie pie?
Amy the builder-smile

I am truly blessed!


Omg, look what I found :-)
I have to download and upload a more recent picture…..
I need more hours in the day to do what I want to do and have to do.
Geez, time flies.
I will try and use my blog again to share Biride pictures, food and my newest hobby Quilting.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Busy Bees


Just when we started to settle down in Calgary, the gypsy in me came through. One move to Edmonton, one new job for me and a new daycare for Birdie later and it is December….

How come that I blink and a month is gone by? I wanted to do so many things like reconnecting to friends and family, read more books, start (and finish)  a quilt for Birdie and and and.  Ok, I will stop whining and show you what we were up to in the meantime :-)

Yes, we are quite the artist. Picasso-Style.


Oh dear, my Beet Ice Cream was a hit!

We turned 2! OMG, how can she be two already? Where is my tiny little baby? She looks tiny in the picture but she is a sweet, kind hearted, loving child with a strong will (stubborn as a mule, to be honest) and we love her more than anything. This world is a better place because of her.


We loved having Tante Mandy and Onkel Basti here and Birdie absolutely adored her auntie. It was “Mandy here and Mandy there” for the longest time. She knows they live in Hamburg, Germany and out of the blue she would talk about them. You clearly made an impact, Tante Mandy :-)


Husband and I argue who she is responsible for the Clown in her. We had lots of fun wearing a (clean) diaper on our heads. Yes, we. I was wearing one too but I am not as cute, so I will spare you the details!


Oma is next to Mama and Papa the most important person in Birdie’s life. We skype every weekend for hours and it is a highlight in Birdie’s weekend-life. Never has there been a more rewarding audience. We love Oma and Opa very much!

This picture makes me smile. At the same time it almost breaks my heart- my baby looks like she is going somewhere without me, with her blanket rolled up and Oma’s purse on her tiny body. I hope that day is years away because the goodbye will not be a gracious one, my darling, that’s for sure!

Aren’t they wonderful together?


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