Omg, look what I found :-)
I have to download and upload a more recent picture…..
I need more hours in the day to do what I want to do and have to do.
Geez, time flies.
I will try and use my blog again to share Biride pictures, food and my newest hobby Quilting.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Busy Bees


Just when we started to settle down in Calgary, the gypsy in me came through. One move to Edmonton, one new job for me and a new daycare for Birdie later and it is December….

How come that I blink and a month is gone by? I wanted to do so many things like reconnecting to friends and family, read more books, start (and finish)  a quilt for Birdie and and and.  Ok, I will stop whining and show you what we were up to in the meantime :-)

Yes, we are quite the artist. Picasso-Style.


Oh dear, my Beet Ice Cream was a hit!

We turned 2! OMG, how can she be two already? Where is my tiny little baby? She looks tiny in the picture but she is a sweet, kind hearted, loving child with a strong will (stubborn as a mule, to be honest) and we love her more than anything. This world is a better place because of her.


We loved having Tante Mandy and Onkel Basti here and Birdie absolutely adored her auntie. It was “Mandy here and Mandy there” for the longest time. She knows they live in Hamburg, Germany and out of the blue she would talk about them. You clearly made an impact, Tante Mandy :-)


Husband and I argue who she is responsible for the Clown in her. We had lots of fun wearing a (clean) diaper on our heads. Yes, we. I was wearing one too but I am not as cute, so I will spare you the details!


Oma is next to Mama and Papa the most important person in Birdie’s life. We skype every weekend for hours and it is a highlight in Birdie’s weekend-life. Never has there been a more rewarding audience. We love Oma and Opa very much!

This picture makes me smile. At the same time it almost breaks my heart- my baby looks like she is going somewhere without me, with her blanket rolled up and Oma’s purse on her tiny body. I hope that day is years away because the goodbye will not be a gracious one, my darling, that’s for sure!

Aren’t they wonderful together?



Hey, hang on! It is not August already, is it? How is that even possible?

I was so busy at work then transitioning Birdie into a new daycare, having Grandma here, back to work and now it is August.

I really have no good excuse other than time is sneaking up on me. Somehow I was operating under the assumption that I will have more time for myself and this blog in the summer.

Silence says more than words….

We are on our way to Edmonton to enjoy the long weekend. Which means we are busy again. I dont want to think about the 400 pictures I wanted to get developed since the beginning of the year.

At least I wanted to show you how much Birdie has grown. She is changing daily and what amazes me most is that she is pickung up words/phrases every day. From “oh la la” to Icecream truck, Garbage truck to cheesebun. She cracks us up every time she is mimicking me or Papa.

This morning she was emptying her morning cookies (don’t get me started..) on the floor and then said “stop it”. Uhm…I guess we are saying that a lot. We have to work on that too.

Or she would grab paper from me while we are drawing and then say: No, Mama, no grabbing.

Ok, so she does understand what we are saying but decides not to follow that advice. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I swear sometimes I just cannot help myself. Logic of a child is such a wonderful thing.

Enough complained, here is the little devil.


We discovered “colours’ and since then are drawing every day. She defininetely loves her colours.

So serious
We went to the Bid sanctuary in Calgary before the flood….

Amy watching TV
We discovered TV, sigh.

Something is funny
Something made her laugh and you never know what triggers it. I wish I could see into the mind of my child. But then, maybe not. All the fun would be gone and it keeps me on my toes.

Amy at the Farmersmarket
Oh la la. Birdie at the Farmersmarket sampling sausages. Of course, what else? Soooo Papa’s girl!

Laughing Dessert

Ah….. there are days when nothing works. The cake you made looks ugly and to make it worse- it crumbles.

As long as the taste is good, the day is not lost. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that has fresh fruit all year round then you are one lucky person. Unfortunately, Calgary is not exactly California or Florida, so I have to work with whatever is available.

In the summer the sky is the limit and you can make this mini-desserts with every fruit imaginable.

Take your cake that somehow did not turn out the way you envisioned it when you read the recipe. Put the cake in a dish, drizzle a bit of fruit juice over the cake to soften it a bit, top it with a nice creamy yogurt and add the fruit of your choice.

It could not be easier and that is what I am doing with my mishaps in the baking kitchen. We do have quite a few of them haha.

Oh and if you are in a funny mood then make your dessert smile at you.

Sorry, I could not help myself….

Have a wonderful weekend. Preferably a lazy one!!!


I cannot believe it is June. The weather sucked the last three weeks with lots of rain, mud and cold wind.  The only good thing is that all the trees are super green!

I thought once April 30 is over that I will have tons of time, I would cook, take pictures and get back into the swing of things. I must have jinxed it….Still super busy at work and since I have to leave the office at 4 or 4:30 the latest to pick up the sweet Bird, I end up working once she is in bed. Needless to say that the house is a mess, laundry often stays in the baskets and we didn’t even bother folding or putting it away. June might be another month like that. We will see.

I did do a bit of cooking and baking and I will try and use my blog again, show some recipes, Birdie pictures and rant about my life without a useable garden haha.






I am still there. I am just so busy I have absolutely no energy to blog, let alone cook and take pictures. Which is really sad but it is true.

Between my full time job, my little Birdie, house work and nightime work (aka overtime because I am already in tax busy season :-( ) I hardly get to do anything else.

Rarely do I have time for myself. When I do, I dream about sleeping through the night haha. Long story short: It will be quiet for a little while until my busy season is over and the evenings are mine again- once Birdie is in bed. Filing deadline in Canada is April 30 so that is the date I am working towards.

I will be back. I promise.

Here is my little angel/devil aka Birdie.




Gastmahl des Meeres

Jedes Mal wenn wir in Deutschland sind bzw. auf Ruegen verweilen, besuchen wir unser Lieblings-Fisch-Restaurant. Es ist in Sassnitz in der Naehe der Mole und in Wurfweite zum Wasser. Der Fisch ist fangfrisch und jedes Mal super lecker. Lustigerweise kann sich mein Mann nicht von diesem einem Fischteller loesen und bestellt immer dasselbe Gericht.

Anstandshalber wird die Karte gelesen, aber dann wird der Heilbutt in Bierteig bestellt mit Pfirsich, Erbsen und Sauce Hollandaise. Ich kann es ja verstehen, denn es ist wirklich lecker.

So sieht der Heilbuttteller aus:

Meine grosse Schwester und ich haben uns den Fischteller fuer 2 Personen bestellt. Ehrlich gesagt haetten davon auch gut und gerne 3-4 Personen essen koennen. Ich glaube sie leckt sich immernoch die Finger! Haha.

Schaut aber auch wirklich gut aus, oder? Ich hatte da so einen kleinen Bird an der Hand….sie hat fleissig Krabben gefuttert. Mein Kind hat halt Geschmack und gibt sich nicht mit billigen Erbsen ab. Die kann sie ja auch jederzeit haben :-)

Meine kleine Schwester und mein grosser Bruder haben sich fuer die Groenlandplatte entschieden. Fuer lange Zeit waren nur Kaugeraeusche zu hoeren bzw. das lautstarke Geknatter meines Birds, wenn die Krabben nicht schnell genug kamen.

Ich bin froh, dass sie so gerne Fisch isst. Lachs, Krabben, Tilapia, Heilbutt, alles verschwindet im kleinen Schlund. Ach ja, geraeucherter Lachs geht so schnell weg, dass uns die Luft wegbleibt. Ich musste dann mal eingreifen und den Lachs wegraeumen, sonst haette sie sich 500g reingepfiffen…..und dann die ganze Nacht nach Milch und Wasser verlangt.

Ach ja, wo ist der Sommer bloss hin? Wir koennen den naechsten Urlaub kaum erwarten!

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