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Birdie’s Dress


Wow, it only took me 8 months to finish it. Not because it is so difficult to do, quite the opposite. I started it when Ronny began developing the basement. Then summer came and we were so busy with everything….basement…fence…garden..enjoying the sun.

Well, today I sorted my enormous fabric-stash and found this dress again. The only thing that had to be done was to hem it.

I am serious. The hem.

Since I always have to fiddle around with my designs I just had to add the border. I got it from Value Village in a gigantic bag and finally I knew what to do with it. Hmm, great, ignore the thread that is hanging out, it has been removed haha.


I am quite happy with the dress and truly love the fabric.


I can only hope that Birdie still fits in it 🙂



Fox Quilt

My little sister Clarissa’s totem is the silver fox and when I found this grey fabric with little swirls in it, I knew it was and still is perfect. It was my first attempt at Applique with a sewing machine! I had no idea that maybe choosing a thread that fits the background or the colour of the object would have been better, I chose pink. It didn’t turn out super perfect but I still love that little fox.

Then I gathered pink/red and black fabric from my small stash that I had at that time. My stash has grown since then but back thenI still had to order fabric for a project.

I did not want this to turn into black and pink only so I added a bit of soft teal to it.

2015-04-10 11.13.17

Clarissa told me that she puts it on her bed every day and when we went to Germany the last time I could see that it as true 🙂 Magically it also fits exactly onto her bed even though I had not exactly measured the whole quilt when I made it. I am bad that way!

Big hug to my little sis! We miss you and hope to see you soon!

2015-04-10 11.13.10


This week’s colour is pink. Unfortunately, nothing is blooming yet in Calgary. Over Easter we had hail, rain, snow and a bit of sunshine. It was weird. So I had to dig up some photos I took last year. Forgive me.

Walk a Mile in her Shoes- a Charity Event in Calgary. Men wear highheels and walk a mile. It is absolutely hillarious to watch.

Black and pink

Flowers in my garden- I cannot wait for summer!
Gartenprojekt 046

Meine Blumen

An indoor plant and me playing with focus on my camera 🙂

Spielen mit dem Fokus

This is the prettiest „flower“ of all, my little Birdie when she was just a couple of weeks old and would still sleep in Daddies or Mama’s arm. Cute, how her shirt was way too big, isn’t it?

Amy in Pink


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