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Plus Quilt


I made this quilt for me! Yes, finally a quilt for myself. I saw the tutorial on In Color Order and fell in love with it.


When I started it was fall and I picked my colours according to my mood at that time. I had this Kaffe Fassett fabric and used it as my starting point to pick the rest of the fabric colours. I love how colourful it is without being in your face :-). All squares were sewn together by hand! I had a quiet time at work and was able to do a lot of sewing in my lunch hour.

My poor husband had to hold it up. It was so sunny that day that you can almost see through it. I picked an orange and pink chevron pattern fabric for my backing and even though I was doubtful I think it works.


It now lives on my bed and makes me smile every time I see it. Mission accomplished.




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