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Cool Melon

I am following Stitched in Color for a while now. I do love the way she has with colours and the quilts she makes are just wonderful.

When she offered the opportunity to play around with fabric and colours I could no longer resist. You go to the fabric online store and pick the fabric that represents „cool melon“. I even figured out how to make a Mosaic tile. Yay! Please go to her website for the instructions and also to see what other came up with.

I started off with the obvious colour scheme thinking of Italy and juicy red watermelons in their vibrant green skin. I do want summer to come early.

I had certain colours in mind but you are limited to the fabrics you can find in the online store. Nevertheless I truly enjoyed „hunting“ the right fabric.


Then I thought of the Golden Watermelon we had the last time we went to British Columbia. I do want to go back and eat my way through their Farmers Markets.

Birdie is a huge fan of watermelons and eats them all year round. Preferably when the watermelon costs more than 5$ during the wintertime. We have to forgive her since she does not yet understand the concept of money and fruits in season.

So here is my second version:


It was so much fun playing around with the mosaic maker while Birdie was watching Monster High – win-win!

Voting with start May 9th 🙂






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