My Little Pony Pennant

Oh ya, I forgot about that one- I made this pennant for Birdie’s last birthday. I am not sure what possessed me but I decided to make her a My Little Pony Pennant using felt and then sewing them onto some fabric. Needless to say it took forever! The last night before Birdie’s actual birthday Hubby got the glue gun out and helped me because he saw the expression on my face and listened to me muttering… sign that I was about to lose it 🙂

Hi Ponies….



Twilight Sparkle:


Rainbow Dash:




I also tried to find fabric that would correspond with their cutie mark or their abilities. Yes, definitely a dash of grandeur there… So I added some apples, balloons, butterflies, rainbow unicorns and purple and white stripes- you get the drift.

Happy Birthday, Birdie. I don’t think I will do that again haha.


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