Funny Faces


Feeling funny today? It is interesting to see how toddlers develop a sense of humor. There are things that make them laugh that you (the adult) don’t consider funny. Not even remotely. So when we had Oma and Opa from Germany visiting I just knew that Birdie would pick up something. Sure enough…while we were drinking coffee Opa made a funny face….and all bets were off.


I am still surprised I did not choke on my cookie 🙂 Toddler ears are so soft and flexible. What Birdie does with her ears would bring me into the emergency room within the hour.  See what she does with her mouth? In my head I would looking for an explanation that I could give the daycare ladies just in case Birdie’s face splits in half.

Whatever it is that makes toddlers tick, we had a lot of fun at the coffee table and Oma and Opa left an impression 🙂

See you at Xmas!


I hope you are as impressed as I am right now.


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