Table Runner/Table Cloth


Wow, isn’t there a saying out there that says: the way to hell is plastered with good intentions. Well, mine surely is.

Months go by and I have unfinished projects, projects in my head I haven’t even started yet, a huge guilt trip because I am not as organized at home as I would love to be. I read about Mom’s with meal plans, shopping lists, their calendar filled with play dates for the kidlets. I have good intentions….and then life happens.

I am working hard on not feeling guilty but I do have my moments of doubt and insecurity. Should I try harder to plan our meals and have all the ingredients ready in the fridge? Am I giving Birdie enough attention and nutritious meals? These moments pass when I look at her and see her happy and full of energy. Don’t get me started on her current bedtime haha. Between her bedtime and my bedtime lay 30minutes. I rest my case….

Ok, so one of the projects or hobbies that I started and only occasionally get to is sewing and quilting. What I realized is this: with the (limited) time I have for myself, a full time job and being a Mom AND the temptation of sun and summer I have to put some Quilts on hold. Otherwise this hobby will turn sour and become a chore and not a fun and creative way to spend. I still have to finish a Quilt for Meike and for Hubby as we speak :-). In the meantime I am trying to pick projects that are smaller and hopefully faster to complete. This way I actually get to see a result in a shorter period of time and I can experiment with shapes, colours, blocks and ideas in general.

Ok, long story short. This is a table cloth I made for my mom-in-law (hi, Oma!). She loves blue and beige and the colours fit perfectly in her living room. It started of as a bigger hexagon shaped tablecloth but Oma said to make a square out of it since it would be better for the small table she intends to use it on. Cool, problem solved since I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted to use on the back. I picked a fabric that is identical to the pattern her coffee mugs have. It was a sign, right? In my mind it was.

I used the white and blue fabric on the back mixed with a white fabric. The white fabric is a white bed sheet that my mom-in-law gave me. As a joke, I cut the bed sheet so that you can see the blue stripe in some of the white squares. Mom-in-law said: Cut it up or it is going in the bin. Nothing gets wasted in my sewing world- you should see the tiny scraps I am keeping in my bags. Ideas, anyone?


In hindsight I should have take a picture of it laying on the table since it is suppose to be a table cloth. Uhm. Well. I don’t know what to say. Just pretend it is on a table, ok?

Oma and Opa were here for 2 weeks and Birdie was in heaven with all the attention and the presents. Omg, the presents. Way too many. Every time Birdie went on the potty, she got a present from Oma….Nobody is giving me presents for going to the potty, lol. Being a kid is awesome- being a kid with grandparents who love her to bits is even better, don’t you think?


Ok, I have to go to my little sweatshop in the basement and get going on some other projects. Or maybe I take a nap.


1 Response to “Table Runner/Table Cloth”

  1. 1 Meike August 8, 2014 um 4:15 am

    Waaaasssss? Ich dachte mein Quilt wäre schon lange fertig, schließlich kommen wir nächsten Monat zum Abholen!!! 😀

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