Birdie’s Quilt

Now that Birdie is 30 months old I finally have a bit of time to myself. It sure helped that I switched jobs (and moved to Edmonton) and that the new job does not have a 3-5 months busy season with work hours of 50 hours+.

Birdie's Quilt 2My grandma was a seamstress and I wished I had asker her to teach me more than sewing on a button. Well, some things can not be changed.

As little ones we played in her sewing box a lot. We sorted buttons, played with her tools and stuck all her needles in a small needle cushion. I remember her telling me that she sewed all my Mom’s outfits and my Mom had wonderful outfits. Maybe I can find an old picture and upload it.

I finally made up my mind and decided to start sewing. I love fabrics and colours and even if my quilts will never be first class. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and spend some time on my own with pretty fabrics 🙂

My first Quilt was for Birdie- of course! I figured that the easiest quilt would be to use big squares. Oh, how deceiving these quilts can be. Actually nothing is easy when it comes to quilting. You have to be precise and putting simple squares together takes more than 5 minutes …

Birdie's Quilt

Whenever I saw Quilts or any other sewing projects, the colours always made sense. They naturally go together. Little did I realize how much time and effort goes into picking the right colours. There are courses out there that take days on colours and how they go together. It should have told me something, right?

I picked the fabric and cut it. Then I re-cut it because the squares were not squares. It took me several attempt to get them right. I laid them out on the carpet and re-arranged the squares. Somehow it wasn’t working they way I had imagined it. So I walked away for a couple of days and cut new squares in different colours. This time I was happy with it.

I know it is not perfect and my sewing is not perfect. It is funny how hard it is to sew straight haha. I am still working on that. All I wanted to achieve was a little blanket for Birdie to keep hopefully for years. One day she might look at it and will realize how much love went into it. I love you, sweetie!

Oh and before I forget it; here is the backing that is even more beautiful then the quilt top 😉


Backing Birdie's Quilt

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