Busy Bees


Just when we started to settle down in Calgary, the gypsy in me came through. One move to Edmonton, one new job for me and a new daycare for Birdie later and it is December….

How come that I blink and a month is gone by? I wanted to do so many things like reconnecting to friends and family, read more books, start (and finish)  a quilt for Birdie and and and.  Ok, I will stop whining and show you what we were up to in the meantime 🙂

Yes, we are quite the artist. Picasso-Style.


Oh dear, my Beet Ice Cream was a hit!

We turned 2! OMG, how can she be two already? Where is my tiny little baby? She looks tiny in the picture but she is a sweet, kind hearted, loving child with a strong will (stubborn as a mule, to be honest) and we love her more than anything. This world is a better place because of her.


We loved having Tante Mandy and Onkel Basti here and Birdie absolutely adored her auntie. It was „Mandy here and Mandy there“ for the longest time. She knows they live in Hamburg, Germany and out of the blue she would talk about them. You clearly made an impact, Tante Mandy 🙂


Husband and I argue who she is responsible for the Clown in her. We had lots of fun wearing a (clean) diaper on our heads. Yes, we. I was wearing one too but I am not as cute, so I will spare you the details!


Oma is next to Mama and Papa the most important person in Birdie’s life. We skype every weekend for hours and it is a highlight in Birdie’s weekend-life. Never has there been a more rewarding audience. We love Oma and Opa very much!

This picture makes me smile. At the same time it almost breaks my heart- my baby looks like she is going somewhere without me, with her blanket rolled up and Oma’s purse on her tiny body. I hope that day is years away because the goodbye will not be a gracious one, my darling, that’s for sure!

Aren’t they wonderful together?



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