Hey, hang on! It is not August already, is it? How is that even possible?

I was so busy at work then transitioning Birdie into a new daycare, having Grandma here, back to work and now it is August.

I really have no good excuse other than time is sneaking up on me. Somehow I was operating under the assumption that I will have more time for myself and this blog in the summer.

Silence says more than words….

We are on our way to Edmonton to enjoy the long weekend. Which means we are busy again. I dont want to think about the 400 pictures I wanted to get developed since the beginning of the year.

At least I wanted to show you how much Birdie has grown. She is changing daily and what amazes me most is that she is pickung up words/phrases every day. From „oh la la“ to Icecream truck, Garbage truck to cheesebun. She cracks us up every time she is mimicking me or Papa.

This morning she was emptying her morning cookies (don’t get me started..) on the floor and then said „stop it“. Uhm…I guess we are saying that a lot. We have to work on that too.

Or she would grab paper from me while we are drawing and then say: No, Mama, no grabbing.

Ok, so she does understand what we are saying but decides not to follow that advice. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I swear sometimes I just cannot help myself. Logic of a child is such a wonderful thing.

Enough complained, here is the little devil.


We discovered „colours‘ and since then are drawing every day. She defininetely loves her colours.

So serious
We went to the Bid sanctuary in Calgary before the flood….

Amy watching TV
We discovered TV, sigh.

Something is funny
Something made her laugh and you never know what triggers it. I wish I could see into the mind of my child. But then, maybe not. All the fun would be gone and it keeps me on my toes.

Amy at the Farmersmarket
Oh la la. Birdie at the Farmersmarket sampling sausages. Of course, what else? Soooo Papa’s girl!


1 Response to “August”

  1. 1 Baltic Maid August 27, 2013 um 7:52 am

    Awww, your little devil is soo adorable!!! 🙂 The way she sits in her little chair and giggles… sooo cute 🙂

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