Fresh Fish/ Fisch am Stralsunder Hafen

As part of our Germany trip we visited the beautiful island of Ruegen and went back to Stralsund where Ronny and I studied. So long ago it seems……

What I love about the harbour of Stralsund is that you can buy fish fresh of the boat. Smoked on the boat right in front of you. It could not be fresher.

In the last several years they really invested into the harbour and turned the old ruins of some old warehouses into pretty restaurants. With it came more tourists and the tourists love to buy fresh fish. So instead of some crrappy little boats they now have some pretty looking boats to accommodate for the higher demand of fresh fish.

If I could I would eat my way through the fish you can see on this boat/restaurant. I swear, I ate so much fish while I was in Germany and loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to go back and eat it again.

I recently discovered that Amy loves fish too and that is awesome. You should see how she shovels smoked salmon into her mouth. While one hand goes to the mouth, the other already points to the salmon. Just to make sure I keep it coming 🙂

Good girl, Mama is so proud of you. Next summer we will eat out way through the fish buffet in Germany haha.


1 Response to “Fresh Fish/ Fisch am Stralsunder Hafen”

  1. 1 Baltic Maid Dezember 11, 2012 um 11:42 pm

    Ohhh, da kommen Erinnerungen hoch. So viel leckerer Fisch und auch noch geraeuchert. Da koennte ich mich ja reinlegen…
    Uebrigens, mein Bruder wohnt in Stralsund und etliche Freunde von mir haben dort an der Fachhochschule studiert 🙂

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