Oat Blondie and Mocca Yogurt Dessert


Last time I made my Blondie recipe- we were not able to finish it. I know, it is quite shocking.

Do not despair!

If you have cookies that have gone a bit stale or are just a bit too hard to enjoy, then I do have the solution. The same goes for cake, blondies etc. etc.

Layer them with your favourite yogurt in a jar! If you are not concerned about weight, sugar or other worldly and boring worries, then use cream or ice cream for immediate consumption.


For me it is yogurt haha. I discovered a pretty decent yogurt that is almost a greek style yogurt and I eat it plain with my fruit.

Let’s leave the healthy discussion aside and go back to our rescue-dessert.


Use your leftover cookies, cake or blondies and break them in little pieces. Place them in a nice dish or if you are way to lazy to clean your nice dish then use a Mason jar 😉

Top it with yogurt, cream, or ice cream. Use your imagination! I bet you could add an additional layer depending on the flavour of your cookies and yogurt and have a third layer with lemon curd. Yum! Just keep on layering your ingredients until you:

a) run out of ingredients because you could not stop snacking on them. Not that it ever happened to me.


b) you reached the top of your dish or jar.

Blondies mit Moccha Joghurt

I refrigerate it for a little while before I dig in. Now that I think about it you could also create a grown-up version but pouring a tiny bit of booze over the cookies/cakes.

What do you do with your leftover cookies/cake? Or am I the only out here?

Oat blondie and Mocca Yogurt

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