Dark Key Lime Pie

I saw this recipe for a white key lime pie. I had a huge bag full of limes and I knew what I had to do. Unfortunately, I did not have a decent white chocolate at hand. Instead I used a 70% dark chocolate.

For the crust I crushed some left over dark cookies.

I know! Leftover cookies, what is wrong with me? It does happen though that I put cookies in a safe place. Too safe. Means I forget about them until they are no longer crispy. I despise chewy cookies. Mine have to be crisp. Sorry folks, no chewy cookies here.

Use 1-2 cups cookie crumbs and a bit of melted butter. Then press the cookie crumbs in the baking dish and put the dish in the fridge while we prepare the filling. Go on, put it in the fridge.

And yes, it is okay if you nibble on some of the crumbs 😉 I usually do not add additional sugar to my pie crust because the cookies are sweet enough.

Let’s move on to the filling, shall we?

Dark Key Lime Pie Filling

• 1 cup whipping cream

• 2 bars of dark chocolate (70%), approx. 200g

• 1 tablespoon sour cream

• lime zest from 2 limes

• 1/3 cup lime juice

• Garnish: lime slices and chopped white chocolate

Melt together cream and chocolate chips in a small pan. Remove from heat, stir in sour cream, lime zest and juice. Pour into prepared pie crust. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 8 hours, or overnight.

Garnish with limes slices and chopped chocolate if desired. I was too lazy and thought 200g of dark chocolate is enough.

I thought the combination was off. Maybe I should have hunted for white chocolate. Next time I will reduce the amount of chocolate (shocking, right?) and maybe add some toasted hazelnuts and fruits to the filling. It was too heavy and a tiny bit boring.

It has potential and i might give it another try. What do you think?


8 Responses to “Dark Key Lime Pie”

  1. 1 Emma Oktober 23, 2012 um 9:59 am

    Aussehen tuts aber super lecker!!! Die Kombi Limette & weiße Schoki kann ich mir sehr gut vorstellen, Limette und dunkle Schoki nicht ganz so sehr. Vielleicht weil ich weiße Schoki einfach lieber mag 😉
    LG aus Aachen

  2. 3 Erin @ Texanerin Baking Oktober 23, 2012 um 11:54 am

    I would have never thought of using dark chocolate! Or milk chocolate. Or any chocolate other than white! Looks good. 🙂

  3. 5 Baltic Maid Oktober 27, 2012 um 4:26 pm

    Knusprig muessen die Kekse sein, seh ich genauso! Ich glaub die chewy cookies sind bei den meisten Deutschen nicht so beliebt, oder irre ich mich da? Chewy cookies vermitteln eher den Eindruck, als ob sie noch nicht fertig gebacken sind und ruhig noch ein bisschen laenger im Ofen haetten bleiben koennen… hehehe…

  4. 6 Jenbeans November 13, 2012 um 8:14 am

    Very interesting flavour combination – but definitely worth trying 🙂

    You’ve been tagged with the Beautiful Blogger Award!

    Thansk for the great recipe!

  1. 1 Dark Key Lime Pie | DessertStalking Trackback zu November 6, 2012 um 9:43 am

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