Birdie and Papa

Birdie in Papa's arms

This picture makes me smile every time.

Birdie is now 11 months old. Let me repeat this:

11 months!

Can you believe it? I don’t. We came home from the hospital just yesterday, didn’t we? Sigh. She is growing up before my eyes. Next week she is going to ask for the car keys.

Excuse me, while I am having a little nervous breakdown here. My little baby is growing up so fast. Lately she starts coming up to me or her Papa to cuddle. It is precious beyond words. Before it was us- we scooped her up for kisses or hugs.

In the picture she is completely relaxed chewing on her favourite toy that she got from her cousin Mara.

(Check out her ear hihi)

You can tell that they love each other. The smiles on their faces say it all. She looks like an angel, right?

Let me tell you a secret. Sometimes she is. But sometimes she is a little devil. As I am typing this she is chewing the side of my monitor. No further comments necessary….

This is their favourite game. Birdie sits on Papa’s shoulder and she comes up to one side and Papa has to say „Boo“. It cracks her up every time and she giggles like only a little baby can.

It gave Oma a heart attack every time they played it. She thought Papa would drop her any minute. Not Papa. He would protect and love her like only a Papa can.

I love you both more than words can describe it.


1 Response to “Birdie and Papa”

  1. 1 Baltic Maid September 22, 2012 um 3:00 pm

    Ohhh, how sweet and cute is this!!! 11 months? Wow… She’s adorable!

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