Baby Food – Banana Pear Dessert


Do not worry- I will not turn this blog into a baby food blog. Since Birdie came into my life and started grabbing food from our forks, she will definitely get some attention on this blog. She is already over the stage of eating purees only but every once in a while she likes to gobble up some applesauce or pureed fruit while she is busy with something else. Like how to get out of her highchair or how to grab Opa’s fancy and shiny sun glasses or how to reach the jar of pickles. You get the drift……

Banana Pear Dessert

1 ripe banana cut in small pieces

1 juicy pear cut in small pieces

A dash of Saigon cinnamon

With a little bit of butter I heated up the banana and the pear until the fruit was puree-like. Then I added a dash of my favourite Saigon cinnamon and filled it in a jar. That was the very first meal I cooked for Birdie. At that time one spoonful of food was enough to fill her up. I ended up eating the rest. To be quite honest: it was so delicious that I poured it over some vanilla ice-cream and pretty much inhaled it.

I find that making baby food is easy but getting the right amount is a challenge. Whenever I can I freeze bigger portions in little ice cubes and save it for another day. That’s why we have sweet potato ice cubes and kale and mango ice cubes in our freezer.

Do you have „weird“ flavoured ice cubes in your freezer?



1 Response to “Baby Food – Banana Pear Dessert”

  1. 1 Emma Juli 26, 2012 um 4:05 am

    Havent got any „wierd“ cubes in the freezer (I´m to lazy ;), but I`ll take a jar of your banana-pear-dessert! Yummy! Most baby-food in jars grosses me out (its the smell), but the desserts or fruit jars are yum. I sometimes get some Hipp „Wilhelmsbirne“ to snack on at work 😉
    Hope your enjoying your holiday and the sun (finaly!)

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