Starting Solids- Part 2


What have I learnt from starting solids?

Birdie is not fussy at all when I introduce her to new food. This week we started with Green Beans and Apple and Butternut Squash. So far we have absolutely no negative reactions or allergic reactions. We are pretty happy about that.

Things to consider:

1. Don’t change from PJ to smart clothes and feed your baby. It is the day she drops her spoon a million times and you are debating to shower with her right after.

2. Don’t sit too close to your baby when she decides to spray you with spit and food. It is a sign of love. Forget about cleaning yourself or the kitchen floor until you are done.

3. Have at least 2 spoons ready. Birdie loves to swing her arm back and throw the spoon as far as she can. I love the innocent look on her face when she does that. The little rascal.

4. You cannot have enough wet clothes ready to wipe a baby’s face. When you think you are done, you discover that she has sweet potato up her nose. I am not even exaggerating!

5. Half the food will end up in her face. Relax and go with the flow.

6. Her diaper will be….lol…no, I will not talk about that. It is too early 🙂

Birdie also enjoys munching on her teething biscuit. Just watching her „working“ the biscuit for a good 10 minutes made my day. She is all business-like when it comes to cookies. She has half my genes after all…..


In the meantime I had a look at some Babyfood Books and it looks like it is doable and after a while she will be pretty much eating what the rest of the family is eating. Crossing my fingers that I am not jinxing the solids process.

Birdie is not too fond of formular or baby cereal and that made me wonder about iron and if I should get her an iron supplement.


That’s why I went to the pharmacy. 19 Dollars later and at home I checked the ingredient list and what do I see? Artificial Flavours, Alcohol and Sugar. SERIOUSLY? That’s what I am suppose to give my 7 months old baby? Apart from everything else but ALCOHOL?

I went back and wanted to know if there is an alternative. Apart from the generic one (aha, so you buggers sold me the more expensive one!!!) there was nothing else. Although the generic brand did not list alcohol the pharmacist told me it probably has alcohol in it as well. What bugged me the most- apart from the facts that they are selling me the expensive one and that they would not return it, -they also gave me the look. You know that one? As if I am the crazy Uebermother. I thought I had a valid point and I am here to protect my child. If I am not doing it- who will? Long story short: I am not giving Birdie the 19 dollar good for nothing iron supplement. I will try and introduce her to iron rich foods instead. I will also discuss it with the doctor when we have our next check up.

Phssst, at least I could have some fun with alcohol if it is not a problem at all (sarcasm). Bah. I was upset for the rest of the day.

Not Birdie! She is actually having fun playing with her spoon and her food. She is really good in handling the spoon. Maybe because she had a spoon to play with before we started solids. She knew how to hold and handle it. Or maybe we are just lucky. Either one, our walls have stayed stain-free so far.


Food goes:

in her mouth (30%)

all over her face (60%)

on her hands (2%)

up her nose (hilarious) (1%)


on her tray (4%)

on mommy (3%) i.e. sprayed all over her and mommy when she decided she needs to blow bubbles while her mouth is still full of food.

Not bad, I think.

Next week I will start with lentils or beans and see if she likes that.

That’s what success looks like:


Aren’t little chubby hands the cutest thing on earth?

They are also the most stickiest thing you will ever encounter in your life 🙂

Have a great week, everyone!



1 Response to “Starting Solids- Part 2”

  1. 1 Emma Juni 13, 2012 um 1:05 am

    LOL Baby feeding is hilarious, especially if you’re not the person doing it 😉 I remember my mum feeding my nephew with spinach, he bawled the house down and sprayed and chucked it everywhere…so funny 😀

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