Mexican Inspired Fruit Salad- Food Matters Project


Sarah chose this week’s recipe and it is a great recipe. I had big plans.

Then life happened: Birdie got sick, I did not sleep a lot, the garden was about to be taken over by weed, somehow I forgot it is Monday and here I am. Rewriting this post because WordPress close my blog without saving the article. Sigh.

So here I was. No fresh fish and to thaw the frozen fish I bought would take forever. So instead I went with the lentils I had cooked for a different dish.


Lentils with Mexican inspired fruits



Bay leaf

chili flakes

Chicken or vegetable stock






Lemon zest

Cook onion in a bit of oil, then add lentils, bay leaf, chili flakes and stock. Cook until done but not mushy. I used French lentils which keep their shape nicely. Cut your vegetables and fruits and arrange on top of the lentils. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle the mint and lemon zest on top and dig in!

Next time I will definitely cook some fish to go with it. I had never had jicama before but it adds a nice crunchy texture to the salad. Enjoy!



4 Responses to “Mexican Inspired Fruit Salad- Food Matters Project”

  1. 1 Margarita Mai 21, 2012 um 5:42 pm

    Jicama… I’ve never cooked with it before… I like the idea of lentils an fruit together… Yum!

  2. 3 Baltic Maid Mai 22, 2012 um 11:57 am

    This looks great! I’d love to eat this for lunch right now!!

  3. 4 auracaplett Mai 23, 2012 um 10:51 am

    Oh my goodness this looks delicious! I love lentils and jicama. I think I will try this with the black beans I have cooked up. Did you see the „Not Your Usual Steak Fajitas“ recipe in the cookbook? It has jicama in it also and I’ve been planning to make a variation on it. Thanks for the good ideas 🙂

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