Happy Mothersday!

I cannot believe that my little Bird is already 6,5 months old. Wasn’t it yesterday when I called your Daddy and said to put down his coffee mug and turn right back because my water broke? You were nice enough to let me have a shower, a toast and watch the Breakfast Television before the water broke. I have to admit that I was a biiig ostrich. No,no, I don’t mean my belly – I did not want to hear too much about giving birth. I had absolutely NO desire to watch a birth video and I did not want to have a mirror in the hospital to see the crowning. No ma’am, not me. I knew I would probably want an epidural because I am not a big fan of pain.

When they had to induce me because the lab results were nowhere to be found for the strep test, I had no idea what was coming. I had contractions I did not feel at all but the monitor told me when I had them. I was mildly amused and was reading trashy magazines and tried to walk around. My body showed no inclination to speed things up. Well, what can I say. Then BAMM, whatever they gave me (already forgot the name of the drug) was working in overdrive and I was doubling over. The nice breathing rhythm I had established earlier was out the window. I was more panting like a dog LOL. I was asking for the epidural.

You know what they said? Ok, honey, the doctor will be with you in 45min. Uhm, what! I picked the day with c-sections left and right. I should have known. The doctor was actually faster than that and waltzed in when I was in the bathroom. I have an absolute talent for timing, I tell you. Everybody who gave birth knows that during labour it is not that easy to get your „business“ done and jump out of the bathroom- especially when you are hooked up to a monitor and had an IV-line. It took me 10min to entangle myself and get out of the bathroom. By that time the doc had to run to the next delivery. I laughed shakily and waited.

Looking back I have no idea how long I waited with my husband reading the trashy magazines I had put on the table. Long story short, he came back, poked me and I felt no more pain. Just a dull pressure in my huge belly. I did not feel the needle go in, I could move easily and after giving birth I had no headache, no backpain, nothing. I just felt cold but the lovely nurses at the Peter Lougheed Hospital gave me two warm blankets and I was in heaven and dozed happily for a while. Around 9pm the nurse told me we should now start pushing. hm, ok, so I pushed. She was laughing and said not to push my feet against the bed but to imagine I would make the biggest poop in my life. Oh my, I had to laugh and was not able to push at all. Then we got down to business. She told me it usually takes 1-2 hours of pushing. I was not having any of it- no way I do this for 2 hours. German- stubborn and efficient. Yes, if I put my mind to it, I can be both.

So I pushed and the nurse kindly told me that the baby is on her way…that she can see the head….that she is coming, just 2-3 more contractions and pushes and that I can do it. Meanwhile, she put my husband to good use and instructed him to count out loud, to hold my hand, to watch his baby girl slipping out of me. I had only 2 minor stitches and then there was this tiny human being on my belly. Beautiful, perfect, healthy, all toes and fingers accounted for. Love at first sight.

6,5 months later she is a stubborn little mule- just like her mommy 😉 She pretends she is no longer a baby and should therefore sit upright at all times, eat and drink what we eat and drink (no, she is not at all) and stay up all day. She squeals like a dolphin and at times I am afraid it may make my ears bleed. She grabs everything in sight and loves to play with her Tim Horton’s paper cup. She also wants to play with the remote control but we have to draw the line somewhere.

Unfortunately, she hates tummy time and is not crawling at all. Instead her head turns red as a beet and she yells at the top of her lungs. Ok, lungs are working fine. Instead she puts her feet in her mouth and is working on her letters. She says „M“ and „B“. Sorry, darling, mommy does not understand what you are telling her but I am listening.

I will always listen.

I took Birdie to a photographer….

Instead of one picture I took a CD and 36 pictures home….

Happy Mothersday to me!


5 Responses to “Happy Mothersday!”

  1. 2 Erin @ Texanerin Baking Mai 13, 2012 um 1:06 am

    What a sweet story! Your daughter is adorable and I hope her screaming stops soon. 🙂

    And I had to laugh about your Germans = stubborn comments.

  2. 3 Baltic Maid Mai 13, 2012 um 9:28 am

    Your daughter is the cutest thing ever. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. 4 Robin Jean Marie Mai 14, 2012 um 8:27 am

    Your little Birdie is precious! You’re in the honeymoon of Motherhood–enjoy it. 🙂 I hope your first Mother’s Day was extra-special.

  4. 5 Emma Mai 15, 2012 um 12:45 am

    reading this put a smile on my face … i`m gonna go now and call my mum. Die Fotos von deiner Kleinen sind super süß, da hätte ich bestimmt auch mehr 1 mitgenommen. LG

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