Apple Danish

Apple Danish

The weather in Calgary is depressing at the moment. Rain, wind, clouds. I miss the sun! Nevertheless Birdie and I went outside yesterday to attend a Baby and Mom class. We also got the chance to test the raincover for the stroller. It took me a while to figure it out. Do you know this feeling when you are staring at leftover screws from assembling furniture? I was staring at Velcro strips that seemed to have no counter part.

Apple Danish

In the end I succeeded and patted myself on the back!

Birdie was sitting snug and toasty in her stroller during the downpour that started the minute we were outside.

Of course.

Even with an umbrella my legs and arms were soaking wet by the time we arrived in the library. The course was wonderful, relaxing and we finally met other moms and their babies. We cannot wait for next week.

Apple Danish

So what do you do when you did a good job?

You reward yourself, right?

I hope you are not on a diet haha. So Birdie and I went to our favorite bakery Cobs and bought an Apple Custard Danish.

Apple Danish

A friend of mine told me about a danish with coconut and I was in the mood for coconut. When I asked for a Coconut Danish I got told that due to allergies they decided to no longer sell it. Oh no, am I the only one without a nut allergy?


I had this Apple Custard Danish instead and it is perfect for a rainy weather snack with a hot cup of tea. The only suggestion I have….

….MORE apple and MORE custard. Ya, I am greedy, what can I say?

Apple Danish


3 Responses to “Apple Danish”

  1. 1 Schwiegermutter inklusive Mai 3, 2012 um 12:45 am

    Well done, a girl has to reward herself from time to time. Would love to know how the coconut danish tastes?

  2. 2 Christel September 14, 2016 um 4:45 am

    hallo, ich würde sehr gerne wissen, wie Sie den Plunderteig gemacht haben. der sieht so schön locker aus..

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