Whole Wheat Pizza-Food Matters Project

Mellissa is hosting this week’s challenge so hop over to her site to check out her version.

I have to apologize for the pictures but the pizza is pretty much in danger the moment she comes out of the oven so I had to snap some pictures right away haha. You will NEVER see good pictures of a pizza on my blog, sorry.


My husband was on board right away this week because it is Pizza-Day! I was just so glad that I read the recipe in full upfront because the dough needs to sit for 6-12 hours arghhh! I prepared the dough and let it sit overnight.



Mark Bittman

1,5 cups whole wheat flour

0.5 cup coarse cornmeal


0,5 tsp yeast

1,5 cup water

This dough is unlike any dough I have ever prepared for a pizza. All you have to do is add the ingredients together in a bowl and then let it sit for 6-12 hours or overnight. No kneading required. The dough is pretty wet and sticky.


On a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or on a oiled surface gently stretch your dough until you reached the thickness you want in your pizza. Since the dough is so sticky and I did not want to use too much extra flour I simply wet my hands which worked perfectly.

The part my husband enjoys the most= top your pizza with everything your heart desires. Hubby was more on the meat and cheese side


while I chose pickled corn as my base and then avocado, tomatoes and soft goat cheese.


Well this project is also always a way for me to experiment and I decided to make a small sweet pizza. My Mexican chocolate was the base and then I topped it with a banana and added a little bit of cinnamon sugar.


Result: Hubby loved the pizza and the dough was easy to throw together. I just like the sticky wet dough haha. Other than that it was a success and we will make it again. The sweet version works as well and maybe next time I try to caramelize the bananas a bit more.



6 Responses to “Whole Wheat Pizza-Food Matters Project”

  1. 1 Lexi April 16, 2012 um 11:55 am

    Wonderful! I’m going to try a sweet version next.

  2. 2 Mireya Merritt (@HealthyMireya) April 16, 2012 um 11:58 am

    Chocolate and banana? Now, why didn’t I think of that?

  3. 3 Erin @ Texanerin Baking April 16, 2012 um 1:16 pm

    Haha. I love what you said about never seeing good pizza pictures because that’s how I feel. My husband’s always asking, „Don’t you want to take pictures?! It’s yummy!“ But he doesn’t seem to understand that our pizzas always come out so ugly.

    You’re very clever with your ingredients! We always just have pepperoni (or actually salami since pepperoni doesn’t exist here). Boo! And I’ve never heard of picked corn before. Wow. I’m all for whole grain pizza so I love this post!

  4. 4 Margarita April 16, 2012 um 2:38 pm

    A savory pizza and a dessert pizza. SMART woman! Why did I not think of that???

  5. 5 thecookingrn April 16, 2012 um 8:00 pm

    mmm the dessert pizza looks delicious! i love chocolate and bananas together

  6. 6 mindyourbeesandtrees April 17, 2012 um 12:12 pm

    Dessert pizza? That is genius! I’m definitely going to try that next time. Wow!!

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