I came across the blog She wears many hats and she has a project called Share the Shot based on colours. I liked the idea of blogging one day a week about a random picture I took. It gives me the opportunity to take a picture stressfree while Birdie and I are on our daily walk. Don’t get me wrong but taking pictures of food is hard work. The worry that the food does not look appealing or that no matter what you do the end result is not what you expected but you or your husband ate it and there is no going back.

Hop over to her blog and participate. It is pure fun, no stress and no rules but one: she dictates the colour of the week 🙂 As of today for the whole week it is RED. This is the picture I chose.


I was tempted to use this one because Birdie is fascinated with her feet now. I call it Little Red Riding Foot!


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